The Queensland Paragliding (club) Championships are back for 2019/2020.The Queensland championships are founded in a tradition enjoyed by both new and experience cross country pilots. I look forward to your participation again this year.

    2019/2020 Season DATES
  • Dec 07/08 2019
  • Jan 18/19 2020
  • Mar 07/08 2020
  • Mar 28/29 2020
  • Apr 18/19 2020
  • May 02/03 2020
  • May 30/31 2020
  • Jun 13/14 2020
  • Jul 25/26 2020
  • Aug 15/16 2020
  • Sep 12/13 2020
  • Sep 26/27 2020
  • Oct 10/11 2020
I will once again be assisted in the organisation by last season winner and local legend Matts.


This season has some very important and exciting differences to past years. Tasks will be run from the 07h December 2019 every three weeks (thereabouts) up to and NOT INCLUDING the Canungra Cup 2020. The TASK COMMITTEE may choose from a variety of TASK TYPES depending on the conditions. These include:
  1. Traditional XC task
  2. Cross country racing but with a handicap system that uses different start time instead of just playing with the numbers in the scoring. The faster pilots will start after the slower ones and we will meet up somewhere along the task to fly together finding thermals and doing the transitions. That way we all get to fly together at different points of the task and arrive in goal at a similar time. This will give the less experienced pilot a change to do the difficult transitions with an experience pilot close by. And for the experience pilot it is an opportunity to show the way. Matts will manage the handicap ranking and scores. Your handicap will be advised at Task Briefing.
  3. Thermaling tasks. At this task we will stay local and measure how many meters we can climb in for example 1 hour. To avoid any dangerous manoeuvres to lose height, the clock will only run when we are climbing. For example if the cloud base for the day is 1300meters the task could be set from 600 to 1200 meters. The clock will then start as you climb through the 600 meters from below and stop as you climb through the 1200 meters. When you have 1 hour of accumulated climbs you are in goal and the most meters wins the day , the winner get the average top score from the comp at that point and everyone else proportionally less.
  4. Towing XC distance task. At this task we will organise a towing day or weekend where we fly as far as we can for a set time in a set direction starting from the time of the tow. A registration fee may apply on these days.
  5. Ground handling task. At this task we will kite our glider over a 50-100meter task with turn points. It will be scored in a similar way to normal task but with no handicap time added. The top score for the day will be the average of the top score in the comp at that point. 70% off the score will go towards distance; the fastest time will get 30% as speed points and the slowest time will 10% as speed points.
  6. X-Alp type task. At this task we will stay local. The race starts with the gears still in the backpack. The task will be an easy out and return or triangle. At the set start time you unpack your gear and launch, fly the task and top land at designated area pack-up and walk back to launch and you are in goal. You will need to write down your time back on a spread sheet yourself. It will be scored as a normal task with ESS and goal back at launch with packed glider.
  7. Waypoint tag task - collect waypoints over the season to be scored as a final task 1km per waypoint. This task format will start from January 2020. More details to follow
Not all TASK types may be used throughout the season, and will be chosen by consensus of our competition organisation and task committee teams. We hope that with a variety of task types, we may get more rounds in, broaden the skill development programme particularly over the winter months.


Unless we have some volunteer drivers, we will need to manage amongst ourselves. No one will be left out without a retrieve at the end of the day. We ask that if you get back to your car – see who else might be on the ground and need a pickup.


All pilot contact details and “status” can be accessed with your login at We will also be using the WhatsApp groups for real-time communication on the day for pickups and coordination. This has been working very well to-date. See specific details below {Communication} The safety registration system ( has been established to help support the organisation of local events - specifically the formal pilot registration and daily check in and check-back process.


Register Here : Register Here This site keeps your master contact details and list of participants for safety checkin at the end of the day. Please register an account if you havn’t already in the past. Register your attendance at each round via the email you will receive in the week leading up to each round. We need this so, If we don’t hear from you we come looking. In the future this safety list will integrate with WhatsApp directly and further streamline the process.
WhatsApp Groups:

Canungra Paragliding: All general competition info leading upto and in the day. Daily safety check back can also be done by posting to here. Pilots requiring retrieve should post and drop a pin at there location. Join the group here: Register For Canungra Paragliding Group

Canungra Retrieve Group Join This group here: Register For Canungra Retrieve Group Group. This group is shared with the Hanggliders and will be useful and its use should be encouraged on free flying weekends, as well as on competition days. One of the great features of Whatsapp is that if you see a pilot needing a pickup, and your heading in that direction, its so easy to just click on the link and call that pilot directly, even if you don’t have their contact details in your phone.

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